Sales Book


The revolution in the mobile field service.

Like this, your products were never seen before: With the Apple iPad® and the software SalesBook of Siller your sales has the ideal tool at hand, to score points with the customer. You can use it to present the complete product catalogues, view all customer information and even capture orders or reports digitally.

  • Revolutionary design for your product presentations
  • Intuitive multi-touch control directly on the screen
  • Via fingertip through the entire customer interactions
  • No paper or heavy catalogues
  • Proven optimization and significant acceleration of your processes


Mobile product catalogue
  • Several catalogues with over 100,000 items (Offline)
  • Always up to date via online connection to headquarters
  • Product presentation with pictures and videos in high resolution
  • Attractive display of products
  • All product information at a glance
Customer information and contact details
  • All customers always with you
  • Always up to date via online connection to headquarters
  • Map functions thanks to GPS integration in the Apple iPad®
  • “Customers around me” function via GPS
  • Correspondence, last orders, visit reports at a glance
Mobile Ordering
  • With all relevant customer and product data quickly to the job completion
  • No tedious post-processing in the office
  • Enormous process acceleration: Signature directly on the display, estimated shipping date of the order / confirmation email to the customer and the enterprise server to further processing.
  • Own proven middleware for data exchange between corporate ERP and the mobile devices.

In Action


Clear Products Coverflow

For a fast and intuitive overview of all available products in a catalog. At a glance check stocks.

Speed advantage Matrix view

Determine and select at a glance the current inventory, an article (model, color, size, etc.), see and immediately desired amount by Fingertip

All function compactly and intuitively accessible

Through a clearly designed UI to SalesBook be particularly comfortable navigating and still provides full functionality for your sales.

MRS Report


Packed Checklist Management compact.

With the mobile Checklist Management MRS Report by Siller companies are well equipped to edit checklists and surveys on the road conveniently, to collect reports digitally and create adhoc reports. No matter what hardware base: MRS Report can be used on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. The combination of several cross-platform hardware types is possible. As a hybrid application MRS Report can also be used offline. In this way, MRS Report can also be easily used in regions with poor Internet connection.

  • Perform customer surveys quickly and easily
  • Set up online surveys easily
  • Create test and defect reports with either imaging
  • Create customized reports



MRS Report

Functions Detail

Due to the intuitive web interface, the interface software mCube for MRS Report is able to create and edit any workstation with Internet access checklists, questionnaires, users and user groups. Using the easy and professionally designed mobile app these checklists can be processed anywhere. The evaluations of completed checklists are again taken from the web application, the mCube for MRS Report.



Flexible and expandable

Via the web interface, the interface software mCube can create and manage checklists and questionnaires in no time. Each checklist can be added to any question and heading that facilitate evaluation in extensive surveys. Standard features include the definition of a standard report, assignment is one of ten types of responses such as “Yes / No”, “score 1-6” “free text” or the sequencing of a checklist. Adding images needed to compare with the target state.


Edit mobile

Answer checklists and questionnaires via iPhone, iPad or iPod

The app MRS report enables the processing of all previously created and approved checklists and questionnaires. Capture all your answers step by step with the iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Windows Mobile device, intuitive and without training. To clarify the actual state of the questions and headings, image files, taken with the built-in phone / camera Apple product, can be added anytime. Already recognized reports can be edited at any time, provided that they have not been submitted to the server.



Evaluate surveys and manage reports

Whether single report, monthly report or test and defect report: there are many analysis types. By pressing a button it determines to which checklist the evaluation is referring. Just as quickly, a limitation on sites, branch offices or headers are made within a checklist. It’s possible to regulate, via the role and authorization management, a meaningful authorization structure build for the central investment and management of checklists and questionnaires, so that critical evaluations (such as evaluations of a branch audits) didn’t fall into the wrong hands.


MRS Scan

Mobile inventory by MRS Scan

The MDE device Datalogic and the software MRS scan support your inventory or stock transfer between branches quickly and efficiently. Other applications are: stock-flow adjustment, rearrangement, first labelling, goods receipt. You can buy or rent MRS for the inventory period.

The ERP almost in the bag.

The regular inventory or stock transfers between branches must be meticulously and sometimes very time consuming documented. The mobile device and the new MRS software support this quickly, efficiently and especially cheaper than conventional mobile solutions. All locally provided products are reliable over the new price change module and simply priced new. It allows you to react quickly to price changes. The delivery of goods is only a scan process with transparent inventory numbers. Mountains of paper are a thing of the past.


Your stock always on view
  • The Datalogic MDE unit includes all the functionality of a PDA
  • Inventory, order and receiving information on the PDA
  • Daily data collection with plausibility check on quantity, label, cancellation permission
  • Automatic printing of a detection protocol
  • Data transmission via e-mail
  • Post-processing of the data collected
  • Output in MS Excel or automatic transfer to the ERP system
  • Data Backup
  • Also reads weak barcodes easily
  • Impetus for the (replacement) label printing
  • Suitable for right and left-handed


MRS scan supports the most important interfaces

Overview of the interfaces:
  • siller-produkte-mobile-loesungen-sap

    SAP® Business All-in-One

  • siller-produkte-mobile-loesungen-intersys


  • siller-produkte-mobile-loesungen-futura


  • siller-produkte-mobile-loesungen-prohandel

    pro Handel

  • siller-produkte-mobile-loesungen-sage

    Sage Office Line

  • siller-produkte-mobile-loesungen-hiltes

    Hiltes Fashion 2000/3000

  • Höltl
  • open-collection
  • store-collection
  • Free-software
  • ShopMaster mh Tec
  • MS Excel
  • hit-collection
  • micro-collection
  • bs-collection
  • medeas
  • Becker edv GmbH & Co KG
  • SelectLine