Success at a critical point:
At the point of sale.

Siller POS was developed specifically for retail and is characterized by simple and intuitive operation. A training for your employees is possible in a short time.

The hardware selection there are numerous possible combinations of our suppliers or Epson Lenovo available - tailored to your individual needs. Siller POS is an attractively priced POS solution that can bind to the major ERP systems like SAP and Microsoft.

About 1,000 installations speak for themselves.



Stationary Siller POS

The hardware selection there are numerous possible combinations of different manufacturers. These include suppliers such as EPSON, Digipos, 4POS,

DELL or Lenovo.

The connection of POS peripherals such as:
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Hybrid printer (with additional document station)
  • Barcode Scanner (1D / Image)
  • customer displays
  • Touchdisplays
  • Cash drawers
  • Payment terminals

is of course possible, but not mandatory.

Siller POS also works with standard PC components, such as conventional monitors and the network or locally attached laser printers. The POS application can use a PC keyboard in full in addition to the operation via a touch surface using the conventional function keys (F1-F12).

If certain prerequisites are met, Siller POS can be operated on existing hardware – but it is recommended to use on a shared Siller and tested in conjunction with Siller POS hardware configuration.

The POS solution can be used on a Windows (TM) operating system from XP. For Windows Vista (TM), Windows 7 (TM) and currently on Windows 8 (TM) and in future there will be a version for the new Windows 10 (TM), the Microsoft logo certification has been made.


Mobile POS Siller

Also Siller POS can be used as a mobile version, in the form of Windows-based tablets are used. The solution can be used in its entirety with all functions.

Since the user interface can be individually adapted to your needs, you can create your own personal menu, and thus adapt to the use of mobile POS Siller perfect. You can choose one also Item buttons, action buttons, and collecting additional information about assignable buttons available.


Standard Functions

  • Cash Sale
  • Invoice sale
  • Card payment (if desired: Linking payment terminal different providers (over ZVT))
  • Changing financing (splitting the payment in several ways)
  • Customer Sales (Customer conditioning, with customer purchase history, bonus, Customer card management, open items, customer order)
  • Flexible position rebates and reductions, discounts and reductions document
  • Spontaneous changes in prices (special rates)
  • Set spontaneous formation
  • Selection Management
  • Product Returns
  • Coupon sale with management
  • Adoption foreign currency
  • Parking
    • Documents
  • Postcode detection (for analysis of the catchment area / scattered field for advertising)
  • Flexible printer selection for each document type
  • Free Articles
  • Deposit with management
  • Flexible search for items
  • Flexible looking for customers
  • Flexible searching in the electronic journal
  • Product Images
  • Flexible authorization assignment
  • Free document texts / additional texts individually for each document type, document entry in spontaneously
  • Touch screen operation
  • Online functionality: Live balance (depending on type of enterprise resource planning)
  • Offline functionality: Cash operation even without a network connection possible

Special Features

  • User interfaces adapted to your company’s CI
  • Vote system’s functionality and Criteria to your needs
  • Additional pressure further article information on the receipt
  • Central document database (document search company-wide)
  • Central coffers Administration (treasury management settings)
  • Action POS data exchange via USB
  • Company logo on receipts
  • Response measurement for promotions and mailings
  • Connection of rental systems (RENT)
  • Connecting additional external cash
  • Custom configuration menu
  • Multi-user capability (terminal server environment)
  • Multilingual application
  • Reports with automatic delivery option as
  • Support for your corporate management
  • Web Service support for communication with external systems
  • Gift Card – support for vouchers

ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics provide the necessary data.

Siller POS has a flexible interface for master data processing. Sales data is occupying exactly passed to the ERP – depending on a correspondingly rapid processing of these data on enterprise resource page is now a live communication possible.

In addition to all common POS processes Siller POS has an optional flexible way of payment by contract with subsequent delivery by the shop or by a central warehouse generated orders, including all recorded in the transaction information such as delivery and payment will be transferred to the ERP for further processing.

Siller POS is a single checkout in a store or in cash together with several hundred installations spread over as many outlets can be used.

Depending on the size of the POS network is a POS server for controlling data communication, additional central electronic filing your receipts, as well as to the central treasury management settings sense.

In order to provide our customers when necessary optimal and fast support, we use depending on the project at the request remote maintenance software a. This can be, for example TeamViewer or DameWare.

In Action


Herr Glaser (Sport Glaser GmbH & Co. KG, Freudenstadt)

We have the POS solution for about three years of service and are very satisfied. First, the need for training was very low because the cash is quite fast and intuitive. On the other hand, the functions for managing marketing campaigns such as birthday vouchers, response measurement, etc. are very helpful.

Mr. Hansen (sports store Nis Knudsen KG, Kiel)

We had the Shuttle All-in-One POS solution as action now in use and were very pleased. The action checkout was a tremendous workload. Especially since we work during the Kieler Woche with temporary workers. Cash is very evident and self-explanatory. We use the action checkout offline (with data exchange via USB stick, and online data exchange is possible). With sales promotions should be posted soon, so we can make timely reports in the ERP system.