You already have SAP ® in use and would like to expand processes and functions? We offer SAP consulting and developing Services on a daily basis or on a fixed price.

Performance Features
  • Recording and analyzing of existing processes as a basis for the process consulting and optimizing.
  • The result of the as-built process analysis get examined for the implementation or optimization in conjunction with the SAP® Products. Oriented on the SAP® standards there will be different scenarios of solutions.
  • Preparation of blueprints for the implementation of new functions. Within the SAP® standard the options of the process design are implemented in setoff rules by SAP®.
  • Based on ABAP / JAVA: With our own development and present SAP® tools, we’re able to create processes and functions that are not implemented in the SAP®-Software.
  • Our quality is based on our comprehensive and systematic documentation management.
  • We offer trainings for key and end user by web or during a personal meeting


Leading (major) enterprises trust on our competence in electronic procurement thanks to our years of experience. The modern method of an automatically request for tenders and reducing costs by the Siller auction process. During our experience for years we’ve adapted our service optimal to the electronic procurement. So we can support you from the consulting till the analysing.


For strategy, system support and hosting of the events.

Supplier Research

Detailed supplier research by online searching engines or internal database.

Preselecting and ranking of the suppliers

Mit der Durchführung einer RFI (Request For Information) können geeignete Unternehmen vorab kompetent ausgewählt und gefiltert werden.

RFQ (Request For Quotation)

Jeder Teilnehmer hat bei der Preisabfrage die gleichen Voraussetzungen und kann sein Angebot unter den gleichen Bedingungen einreichen. Angebote für Artikel oder Dienstleistungen können aus jeglicher Branche eingeholt werden.


Angebote werden durch Gebotsschritte reduziert, um das preiswerteste Angebot zu erzielen. Es ergeben sich Einsparungen von regulär 16 % bis 30%. Wir bieten alle gängigen Auktionsarten, wie z. B. Einkaufsauktionen, Gesamtkostenauktionen, Indexauktionen, Verkaufsauktionen etc.


Complete integration of your data (e. g. as product specifications, contract documents, etc.).


A competent support by a supplier hotline is throughout the whole implementation of the events available.


Complete processing in Excel and evaluation of the obtained subscriber information and offers.



Our professional support is available on all issues relating to our products. Skilled employees with years of IT experience, specialized in retail, will support you in the application, by telephone or remote maintenance, as well as in questions about hard- and software or advice directly to your company. Our first-level support responds questions about the use of the applications and transmits serious conflicts targeted and differentiated by subject areas to the second-level support.

System support

In the system support the individual software and hardware components are tested for compatibility, configured and installed. Our system Support is responsible for customer-specific, technical advice, for example, to obtain the network infrastructure and other technical components, to set it up, operate, or optimize. Technical malfunctions during operation of the systems are analysed remotely and corrected if necessary by a technician on site. The current status of your hardware and software that is backed up, by the administration of your servers, workstations and POS systems.

Product and quality management

The product management collects the requirements of our customers about our products and solutions, coordinates them internally with departments and describes the contents of the future releases. Our Software Quality Management (SQM) ensures the quality of the programs. With software tests our staff check the functionality of the applications, and interfaces with other programs. In this way, our products remain in a permanently high quality. The product management and SQM are working closely together and form the organizational link for the development and optimization of our products among customers, development, and application / system support.

Seminar and advice

We advise and train your staff appropriate. As part of Siller Academy we offer a sophisticated training program with online training based on Internet technology on various topics related to our products. On request we can also train you on individual appointments in your company.

We support you with our Know-how!

Our Support and Service Department have IT- and industry experience for years. You can benefit from this knowledge in German, English and French.